Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Pachyphyllinae from the Middle Devonian of the Holy Cross Mts.

Maria Różkowska

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 01 (4), 1956: 271-330

Protomacgeea dobruchnensis n. gen. & n. sp. is descibed, being the most ancient representative of the subfamily of Pachyphyllinae recorded in Poland from the Middle Couvinian beds of Grzegorzowice and Wydryszów. New species
Thamnophyllum skalense and subspecies Thamnophyl!um trigemme pajchelae have been described from the Givetian besides the already known species Th. caespitosum (Goldfuss) and Th. trigemme (Quenstedt). The writer has referred to Macgeea bathycalyx bathycalyx (Frech) all the representatives of the genus Macgeea from the Givetian of Skały, establishing, however, tlhe following new subspecies: M. bathycalyx kasimiri, M. bathycalyx josephi , M. bathycalyx regularis, M. bathycalyx longiseptata, as well as one new mutation M. bathycalyx amabilis. These subspecies and the mentioned mutation are considered congeneric on their common ontogeny and essentially similar morphology. A new species of colonial form, displaying horse-shoe dissepiments and symmetrical fans in trabeculae, has been recorded from the Middle Givetian coral reef and described under the name of Pachyphyllum sobolewi.

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