Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Middle Miocene foraminiferal biochronology and ecology of SE Poland

Janina Szczechura

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 27 (1-4), 1982: 3-44

Middle and Late Miocene (Late Badenian and Sarmatian) foraminifera of the epicontinental deposits of SE Poland (Roztocze area) have been examined. These deposits, referred to the Late Badenlan are correlated with NI3-N14 standard biostratigraphic zones, based on planktonic foraminifera. Sarmatian, therefore, especially its deeper water deposits, appears to represent younger zones. Changes in water depth appeared to control distribution of benthonic forms, whereas climatic changes and water depth controlled distribution of planktonic forms. The Middle/Late Badenian boundary probably represents an ecostratigraphic event. A correlation is suggested relating the Middle Miocene deposits of the Roztocze area with those of the Polish Fore-Carpathian Depression. Bolboforma badenensis sp. n., a planktonic form of uncertain taxonomic affinity is described.

Key words: Foraminifera, problematic planktonic form, Miocene, Poland, biochronology, ecology, taxonomy.

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