Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

The late Frasnian rhynchonellid genus Pammegetherhynchus (Brachiopoda) in Poland, and its relevance to the Kellwasser Crisis

Paul Sartenaer, Grzegorz Racki, and Michał Szulczewski

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 43 (2), 1998: 379-394

The rhynchonellid species, Pammegetherhynchus kowalaensis sp. n., occurs in the late Frasnian (Early to Late Palmatolepis rhenana, and possibly early Palmatolepis linguiformis conodont zones) marly-bituminous succession at Kowala (various outcrops) in the Gałęzice Syncline, south of Kielce in the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. The only other known species of this genus is the type species, Pammegetherhynchus merodae Sartenaer, 1977, from the late Frasnian (somewhere in the Early and Late Palmatolepis rhenana Zones) of the French Fagne (dark shales of `Matagne' aspect), and, probably, of the Eifel (`Büdesheimer Goniatitenschiefer'). P. kowalaensis sp. n. occurred in level-bottom pioneer assemblages, thriving in reef downslope, mostly poorly-oxygenated habitats of the Kellwasser interval. The species finally disappeared near the Frasnian-Famennian boundary. The genus Pammegetherhynchus seems to be particularly suited to stressed deep-water shelf environments in the European part of the Laurussian shelf, widely distributed in this crisis time.

Key words: Brachiopoda, Rhynchonellida, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, palaeoecology, mass-extinction, Kellwasser Crisis, Frasnian, Devonian, Poland.

Paul Sartenaer [], Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Bruxelles, rue Vautier, 29, B-1000; Belgium.Grzegorz Racki [], Katedra Paleontologii i Stratygrafii, Uniwersytet Śląski, ul. Będzińska 60, PL-41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland. Michał Szulczewski [], Wydział Geologii, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Aleja Żwirki i Wigury 93, PL-02-089 Warszawa, Poland.

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