Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

A new species of Miocene terrestrial gastropod Gastrocopta from Poland and the validity of 'Pupa (Vertigo) suevica'

Ewa Stworzewicz and Valentin A. Prisyazhnyuk

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 51 (1), 2006: 165-170

We describe Gastrocopta sandbergeri sp. nov. from the Miocene brown coal deposits of the open-cast mine Bełchatów (central Poland) and identify it as conspecific with Pupa (Vertigo) suevica Sandberger, 1875 (nomen nudum) from the Miocene of Steinheim. The new name 'sandbergeri' has been introduced in substitution because Sandberger's name 'suevica' has been later proposed again for a valid species Gastrocopta (Albinula) suevica by Boettger (1889). We could not use the name 'minor' proposed by Miller (1900) as form of Pupa (Leucochilus) suevica because it is preoccupied by another Gastrocopta species: Bifidaria ashmuni f. minor Sterki, 1898 = Gastrocopta ashmuni (Sterki, 1898). In consequence Sandberger's Pupa (Vertigo) suevica is recognized as the senior synonym of Gastrocopta sandbergeri sp. nov. The new species is most similar to Gastrocopta nouletiana (Dupuy, 1850) but differs in having smaller and always slender shell, less convex whorls, much weaker crest on the body whorl (or even absent) and generally rather weakly developed teeth (6-7) in the aperture.

Key words: Gastropoda, Pupilloidea, Pupa, Gastrocopta, Neogene, Miocene, Bełchatów, Poland.

Ewa Stworzewicz, Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Sławkowska 17, PL 31-016 Kraków; Valentin A. Prisyazhnyuk, Institute of Geological Sciences, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 55b Gončara, UK 01030 Kiev.

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